Quality Used Guns in Wilmington, Delaware

Instead of breaking your budget on a new firearm, save big bucks when you come to The Gunstock Shop. Our store in Wilmington, Delaware, has a large selection of quality, used guns for gun enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Guns for All

From handguns to rifles, you're sure to find the specific pre-owned firearm you want. Our inventory of used guns includes:
  • Shotguns
  • Long Guns
  • Specialty & Custom Guns
We carry the following types of firearms:
  • 22 Rifles
  • Century Firearms
  • Collector Firearms
  • Cowboy Guns
  • Military Guns
  • Semi-Automatics
Rifle - Gun shops in St Wilmington, DE

Well-Known Brands

  • Beretta™
  • Browning Arms™
  • Burris™
  • Ed Brown™
  • Colt™
  • Daisy™
  • Luger™
  • Remington™
  • Smith & Wesson™
  • Winchester™
Contact us to save big bucks with one of our brand name, used guns.