Expert Stock Restorations & Repairs

When the stock of your firearm is damaged, trust the professionals from The Gunstock Shop in Wilmington, Delaware, for expert stock restorations and repairs. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, our specialized gunsmiths will give your stock a high-quality appearance and finish. We also offer maintenance, chamber cleaning, and adjustments.
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Oil-Soaked Stocks

Often, stocks are so oil soaked that it's impossible to remove all the oil. This gives the stock a slightly darker color after the restoration process.

Choose Your Finish

During the gun stock restoration process, our professionals use your choice of oil or polyurethane. Both the oil and polyurethane can be applied to give a gloss or low-luster finish.

Oil Application

An oil finish takes at least 10 thin coats. After the application, we hand rub it in to give the firearm a smooth, glass-like appearance that adds depth and enhances the grain.

Polyurethane Application

Close to factory finishes, polyurethane is sprayed in about six coats, which are applied to the wood. Much like the oil, the polyurethane finish has a smooth, glass-like look. Since it has a harder finish, it is the best choice for a gun stock restoration if your gun will see hard use.

Our Step-by-Step Refinish

There isn't an exact procedure for a gun stock restoration. Instead, we treat each stock individually, as each has different requirements to restore it to its natural beauty. The following process guides us in order to restore your stock to its former luster:
  • Strip Old Finish from Wood
  • Pull Dents & Fix Any Imperfections
  • Remove Any Oils Gathered over Time
  • Draw Grain & Sand to Smooth Finish
  • Fill Grain (If Necessary)
  • Apply Stain (If Necessary)
  • Apply Sealer
  • Apply Finish

Professional Repairs

With professional gun stock repairs, most stocks can be restored to a usable condition regardless of damage. Sometimes, the process requires brass pins or wood dowels to reinforce the repair or a piece of wood to fill chips that have been taken out of the stock.

While gun stock repairs won't make a stock that's been broken or abused look like new, it ensures that the stock will work. Additionally, our crew treats each one individually to not only provide a serviceable stock, but also to minimize the "bandages." We also can replace any stock that's damaged beyond repair.

Your Satisfaction

When it comes to gun stock restorations and repairs, your satisfaction is our top priority. Using our extensive experience in the industry, we'll make your stock work like new, and we guarantee that the work won't fail under normal use.
Contact us to restore your gun stock with our prompt stock restorations and repairs.