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Family-Owned Gunshop in Wilmington, Delaware


Used Guns

When you're in need of a new firearm, look no further than The Gunstock Shop. From high-powered hunting guns to pistols, we carry a large selection of quality used guns at great prices.

Restoration & Customization

In addition to selling used firearms, The Gunstock Shop is your go-to source for professional gun stock restorations and repairs. We can also customize or adjust your firearm.

Ammo & Accessories

Whether you're a collector or going on a hunting trip, you need the right gun ammo and accessories. The Gunstock Shop has a plethora of ammo and accessories available for all types of firearms.

Our Story

Established in 1982, our local, family-owned gun shop in Wilmington, Delaware, is your source for all things related to firearms. Whether you're looking for a specific gun or need a repair, look no further than The Gunstock Shop, your one-stop solution to all of your sporting goods, firearm repairs, replacements, maintenance, and accessories.
Differing from an armorer, a gunsmith modifies, designs, and builds firearms. Additionally, we offer factory-level repairs and alterations for special uses. We can even apply carvings, engravings, and decorative features to your finished gun.
Contact our premier gun shop in Wilmington, Delaware, and let us provide you with quality services tailored to your firearm needs.